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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie matt keller. [ inaudible ] >> security is very tight. [ inaudible ] >> reggie in we can see you. we just started hearing you. great to see you there. >> good morning, i will repeat what i said. we are in cleveland live. this is the quicken loans arena, quite a journey to get here. i will show you what you have to go through to get inside. security is the subject of what is happening on the stage tonight: keeping america safe. we will talk about that in inside the quicken loans arena. >> back to new a moment. >> but, now, mike and the conditions outside. it hooks like it will be a cool week.
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mike? >> yes, cool all the way physical friday and then it will change and summer returns. this morning, though, you may need to use the windshield wiper a couple of times around san francisco and the coast and maybe the umbrella to stay dry. here is a look at live doppler hd. and the bay bridge. 50 to 56 at 7:00, through the day planner, 58 at the coast to 69 inland, clouds linger at the coast and at 4:00, 60 at coast to 76. that is all. inland. sue? >> peaceful drive from san jose to cupertino. on 280. northbound. a few headlights through the screen. this is the 17/880 overcrossing, at 12 minutes from downtown san jose to downtown cupertino. elsewhere, we take a look outside, we have no problems here, up and over the a, and just slow traffic but no stalls or accidents, still, 41 minute drive into dublin/pleasanton and the speds are slowing to 20 miles per hour, 29, and it picks up into theism area.
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>> we are hours away from the start of the republican national conference. security is ramping up. especially in light of recent violence abroad and at him. my co-anchor, reggie aqui, is inside the convention hall for us this morning. reggie? >> good morning, natasha. eighters ago i covered both of the conventions and that is quit a difference teen eight years ago and now. especially for the security. i have never seen figure like this to get into an event. i heard a lot of how they are adding extra officers from all over the country and you can see the emphasis that is happening outside and inside at the arena. and i will show you the journey it takes to got inside for the delegates and the media covering the of sent. you get into a shuttle and you go through what feels like barracks, really be fences that line a lot of the compart of downtown cleveland, 3 1/2 mile
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the security fence to keep people out who do not have the yes democrats to get in. there are 5,500 officers, a couple of thousand from out-of-state including from c.h.p., we saw a vehicle last night, in fact. the head of the local police union is still not convinced the city has done enough to protect officers. he continues to account governor to stop allowing people to open carry in cleveland as the state usually allows. so for it has been denied. tonight we hear about security internationally, and as for canidate himself, the buzz is not about international relationships, but the reallyship between the two people at the tonight ticket. shear a clip. >> what do you thing about your running mate's campaign? and the tone? and the negativity? >> this is a good map who has been tag about the issues of the american people care about. >> what about the negative side? he has apologized for being negative? >> we are different people. >> interesting differences that
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are being made between the two at the top the ticket and as for tonight, security is theme and they are calling "making america safe again, we will see mrs. trump, and giuliani, and we will hear about benghazi, three speakers will talk about benghazi including a woman who lost her son in the benghazi attack so that is a major theme. and charles will be on the stage later tonight. as for the delegates who are they? why are they here? what brings them from the bay area? we will talk to them in a few minutes. another vigil for a victim of a terrorist attack is held at uc berkeley, nicholas leslie was killed in the truck attack.
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amy? >> yes, good morning, the chancellor has released a statement calling his death tragic, devastating news and saying the uc berkeley family is heart broken. the f.b.i. told campus officials yesterday that 20-year-old nick leslie was killed missing since thursday. the death was just confirmed. three other uc berkeley students were hurt suffering from broken bones. there are 85 uc berkeley students in nice for an entrepreneurship program. constitutes at him say they jut heart broken to hear what their fellow students responsed. >> one sfo wrote an article onloan about her experiences being in the crowd and jump out of the way of truck and it is terrible to hear how many students are out there and the huge number of people. >> nick hisly is not first student to die overseas this
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summer, a sophmore died july 1 when a gunman opened fire in bangladesh. it is summer break on campus, but, some of the students who are here have planned a vigil for this afternoon at plaza for nick. >> thank you, amy were the investigation continues this morning, into the background of shooter who ambushed officers in baton rouge yesterday killing three and injuring three others. jessica castro is here with new details we are learning about the suspect. jessica? >> new in the past half hour, police have officially i.d.'s the shooter, and we are learning month of the 29-year-old ex-marine including a long trail on sole media. some postings discuss the killings of african-american men at the hands of police including july 5 of alton sterling in baton rouge and look at the youtube videos in the newsroom, long, who locally
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changed his name to cos and i quote, "fighting back was the only way to bring social change." investigators say long opened fire with an ar-continue assault style rifle before being killed and new, abc is confirming long spent several days in ybarra before police ambush. >> if you want to keep protesting, doing that but real ones, serious ones, we know what it will take. >> those are clips from youtube, and law enforcement officials are identified as 32-year-old montrell jackson, group-year-old magazine island gerald, city police officers and 45-year-old brad garafola from from the sheriff's --. another is fighting for his life in critical condition and police are investigating the shooter's home in kansas city, missouri.
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>> the shooting in dallas and baton rouge are putting the if excess their families on edge. officers are demanding action. the mess department demand that officers be provided with proper staffing and equipment. in san francisco, they say they will not let par bar cause a wedge between law enforcement in the community. in oakland people have been double staffing if troll cars recently. >> you can she your support for the officers in par barbie sharing this image from our facebook page, with # "prayforbatonrouge." the oakland city couple will discuss whether to open an independent police commission to oversee rank and file and fire the chief. oakland police department has been rocked by scandals. >> another bay area city is take on minimum wage to get small businesses and nonprofit
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organizations to the $15 an hour. the san mateo city council will look at ordinances to increase the pay with minimum wage up to $11.65 in july and then up to $13.35 and, finally, $15 by 2019. the governor brown signed the new law in april raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2022. >> 5:0 9 on monday and compared to where we were 24 hours ago, most of us are just a little bit warmer but that is a little bit deceptive because the clouds are thicker with more moisture and keep the temperatures up, but the same thing this will keep our temperatures down, today. look at this, mid-to-upper 50s inland east bay and in the hills, we head out highway 4 and we have antioch and brented with and you are about 60, right new. you are going to benefit the most from cooler than average weather running the air conditioning 24/7. temperatures are companily in the mid-to-upper 50s until the
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physical district at 53. at the green, that is 60s. 70s, and barely some 80s inland. tomorrow is steady and a slight bump developing on wednesday. that bump gets a lot bigger this weekend with the forecast coming up. sue? >> a look at the drive time from the central valley, through the altamont pass, and we have a high wind advisory and dublin/pleasanton it is 45 minutes. not too bad. highway 4s antioch to concord, westbound, great, under 15 minutes and from san rafael to san francisco, account under 20 minutes, and a little bit of fog up and over the waldo grade but not too bad for the visibility. 101 or 680, southbound, that is looking great, beyond treat boulevard and north main, into 24 interchange. all the way to dublin/pleasanton, you are looking at 22-minute drive from highway 4 to highway 580. >> we are tracking the crackdown that is continuing this morning in turkey after the attempted
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military coup, and coming up next, the action that the government took overnight >> the on for a bay area man who >> the on for a bay area man who changed the face of
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a look from cleveland, ohio, at the quicken loans arena. reggie aqui is there on what will happen the first day of the
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republican national convention. security is a major issue and he has seen more security here than before. he has covered other conventions in the past. >> a while you were sleeping 27 machine accused of leading a failed military coup attempt in turkey appeared in court. they were led off a bus handcuffs behind their back. friday's rebellion was put out by loyal government forces and masses of civilians. but not before 312 people were killed. more than 1,400 were wounded. the president promised a brutal purge against fin involvedded and he has been true to his wore. up to 8,000 police officers have officials have been arrested. turkey is a key ally of united states. ought bay area marked the darkest days in history, in concord for the 72nd anniversary of port chicago disaster. secretary of the interior joined in remembering the 320 sailers mostly african americans who
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died in a munitions explosion. it was the worst home front disaster during world war ii. protests over lack of training for munitions handlers followed and sailors were arrested, and it let to desegregation in the military. the national park and visitors center is planned at the site. >> hit-and-run accident in san francisco landed two people in jail. a red honda plowed into a pole at 6th street near the hall justice. officers happened to be close by, when crash happened at 7:00 last note. >> a unit was half a block away and heard the crash and came over to check on the well-being and person in the vehicle took off running and we were in pursuit of them. we caught them. >> officers say the wrecked honda was linked to an auto break inwith 4,000 in stolen items inside of it and arrested both the driver and the passenger, the passenger went to the hospital after being hurt in the crash. >> dub nation is mourning the
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loss of a basketball legend dying in san francisco after suffering a short battle with leukemia was one of the 50 greatest players in n.b.a. history. he played 11 soaps with golden state and recently he in.ned abc7 sports director, larry beil as an analyst on "a game e he was a seven time all star at 74. >> larry share add special memory on his twitter page this is worth checking out. >> a pastor at glide memorial church has been elected the first openly lesbian bishop of the united manage -- church, the first to be a lead pastor of one of the 100 largest methodist churches and said this is a major victory for humanity and a historic moment in the affirmation of love and justice. >> we have endured 4079 weather
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but it is changing. >> summer is on hiatus? >> my electric bill says that is fine, just fine, after running the air conditioning so hard last week, it was nice to open up the windows and a breeze was noisy but i am not complaining. hopefully not too loud in your neighborhood. our visibility has a lot low clouds but not much in the way of fog. now, highlights, morning drizzle to sunshine dead and the next couple of days, but not until friday when it will be dangerously warm. new, you can see the drizzle an the bay until 8:00, and drizzle along the cost until 10:00, and we will have fog at noon and then along cost this afternoon. now, talking temperatures we are supposed to be in 80s in the south bay andment of us in the mid-to-upper 70s and on the peninsula, in the 80s, and low-to-mid 70s, and, even milbrae at 6, and upper 60s loan coast and we should be 68 in san francisco is only 61
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today. through the north bay valley, mid-to-upper 80s here, or 70s i should say, ands then, mid-to-upper 70s along the east bay sure until union city, fremont, about 72 and inland we have 76 in men, to britianed with barely making it to 82. if you liked is this summer you will like the forecast, warmer on thursday and back to average friday and saturday, and excessively hot inland, on sunday. sue? >> ing, we are going to san jose, wrote wrote at 880 overcrossing, traffic is looking great, and the headlights are headed in the northbound direction, and so for, so good. we also have slower traffic coming off the altamont pass, as we have been tag about, and speeds slowing to 20 miles per hour, but just a little bit less than that with 45 minute drive. we have first reports of a big rig accident in san mateo, 101, the connection to 92, and we will check on that in a few when we come back. >> a sculpture honoring first african-american elected to
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state public office is up in berkeley, and we were there for the unveiling of the memorial for william rumford elected to the state assembly in 1948, the driving force behind the california fair housing want passed in 1963. berkeley city council member moore tweeted a picket the statue after it was unveiled. >> the republican national convention checking off in a few hours in cleveland. >> t.j takes you behind the scenes in the first look. >> we are taking you behind the scenes of the republican national convention. cleveland's quicken loans arena is ready for the close", 2,500 delegates fill the floor for the next four nights and another 20,000 people will pack the stamps and over all 50,000 people are in town for the convention. this was a bit of a rush to transform the arena. a month ago the cavaliers were
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posting the nba finals. it is a miracle you got it done? >> usually you have six weeks to build something of this magnitude and we had four. >> including signing, and installing 647 moving light fixtures and this 1,700 square feet johnny front and center on stage >> we will have were more at 7:00 a.m. with george and robin reporting from the rnc with the "good morning america" first look for abc. >> drum roll please: the according to twitter the most popular. me joy this year is...the face with tears of joy. release of the most popular emojis. disney marks the holiday by releasing a video retelling the story of use utopia with
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>> i saw the "star wars" one of the emoji and it is interesting to watch. cool. >> straight ahead seven things you need to know as you start director day. >> and the actor who won the >> and the actor who won the role as the rogue in upcoming
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enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. it tastes great! save a life in the the typemidst of chaos.that can doesn't quite fit on a resume. >> here are seven things to know before you go. today is the official start of the republican national convention in cleveland. security is tight. thousands of officers are there with police chief stressing that officers are prepared for anything and everything. two, france fell silent for a minute this morning marking last week's bastille day attack in nice. families gathered with mourners to honor the 84 who lost their lives including california student nicholas leslie. officials are looking into the
5:24 am
online trail of baton rouge shooter in the investigation. this video shows long saying fighting back was the way to bring social change. >> the recent attacks on officers is putting bay area police on edge. the san jose police officers association is killing for support to keep officers and citizens safe. oakland police have been double staffing patrol cars recently. >> five, if you enjoyed the weekend weather, i have more for today. five to nine degrees below average with drizzle turning to afternoon sunshine and a big warming trend in the back half of the seven-day forecast. >> we are following a big-rig accident southbound 101 before highway 92 in san mateo and dills are sketchy but according to the c.h.p. all lanes are blocked with a big-rig and we will check back with them in a couple of minutes. >> seven, san jose police are looking for leads after someone saw more -- sawed more than 20
5:25 am
cities after the chinese trees were mapped in the fall and are posting fliers. >> two people will never forget an encounter with a sea cow off the coast of jupiter, florida, putting flipers on one of then. they are protected species and the paddle boarders did not want to touch the animal. but he wanted to touch them. >> and an upon milestone in places where dreams come true, turning 61 yesterday. a big parade led by donald duck after opening in anaheim in 1955, with just 18 attractions and new there are 100. disney is our parent company. they provided this video. >> disney made it official on who will play a young hans in one "star wars" movie, about the rogue pilot of the falcon made
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famous by harrison ford with actor who has played in indie movies. it will start with the film coming out in the summer of 2018. >> the state of florida is allowing a man to keep an unusual pet. >> ready for more cookies? happy am -- alligator? >> david has a petal gator for the past 47 years. it is a male and lives in the back yesterday and eat as diet of cookies and pizza. it looks like it is a check student. in 1994 the state took the republic pile away after getting a complaint but he won him back and now a new complaint brought state, fish and wildlife officer s again. the two have been together since he was nine. >> when he was in the house he did not want to leave and it took three weeks to go back outside. he was on the couch all the time or in the bathtub. >> after investigating, officers
5:27 am
found he has grown too big for the yard and they agreed to led the gator stay as long as he makes changes to his home. >> give me cookies i will hang out all day. >> we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including more from cleveland and my co-anchor, reggie aqui, has a look at today's speakers of the >> police want to find a missing >> police want to find a missing man becaus
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>> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt colder. i am reggie aqui in cleveland at republican national convention. could donald trump speak tonight on the stage well before he is scheduled on thursday? we will damage about it. athat would be a surprise. great to see you, reggie aqui. >> but, first, weather and
5:30 am
traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. now, live doppler hd is showing measurable drizzle but above a thousand' and it is making it down to the ground and you will need the windshields. here is san jose and it is cloudy temperatures are in the 50s this morning, and as we head through the day planner, we are 58 at the coast and 68 inland and by 4:00, well below average 60 at coast to 76 inland and the morning commute. sue? >> details about the accident involving a big-rig, apparently block all lanes southbound 101 with 92 although we have not gotten confirmation with the c.h.p. on this. in it is, it is looking light at this early 5:30 in the morning, so we will check back with the c.h.p. and heads up if you travel southbound 101 through san mateo. >> the republican national convention kicks off today in cleveland and it is expected to be a show like in other. our news anchor is in ohio for
5:31 am
the big event along with local trump supporters. >> good morning, first of ail, this just in: there are rumors here at the convention hall that donald trump will come and be on the stage tonight, not scheduled until thursday, that is the big night where he unveils himself, melani amendment is speaking and it is possible he can come with her. >> there is almost present and center view of the stage. they large in number, not necessarily number one in term of experience, but, certainly, large in number. why are they here? >> look at a man i met last week to get a better indication of why people from the bay area have traveled to cleveland to see the convention. his name is scott robertson a san francisco businessman born and raised in the city and met donald trump a couple of times and the group photo you see with donald trump was taken by trump's former campaign manager,
5:32 am
corey lewandowski. i asked the first time delegate why come to the convention now and his answer was simple: he of 40s donald trump. >> i personally do not believe donald trump is divisive. i understand the opposition to donald trump. to me it is naughty voicive -- it is not divisive, it is the truth. i know the truth hurts but we have to hear it. >> he will be on the board today with the rest of the delegation and, later this week, a name that opinion out to me who will speak on prime time night, thursday night, meter theme cofounder of pay pal on the board of facebook and well then in silicon valley behind the hulk helen lawsuit that took down gawker and will represent the bay area and silicon valley and it will be interesting to see what he has to say given he is an outgay man one of the few we have ever seen speak at a republican convention so a lot do come this week and a lot they
5:33 am
look forward to and i will speak in a few minutes talking about the security at the convention. it is unprecedented. >> thank you, reggie. >> hillary clinton is also in ohio this were on, and is in ♪ , addressing the annual convention of the naacp and is expected to use her speech to lunch an effort to register summer than these million voters. donald trump declined the invitation to speak to the largest civil rights organization. >> a baton rouge police officer remains in critical condition after a deadly shootout yesterday. three of fellow officers were killed and two injured. jess can castro is here with the new details on the suspect. jessica? authorities digging into shooter's motive, and just minutes ago, attorney general say federal authorities are helping in baton rouge. i want to show you new video from louisiana of the governor's man lit up in blue overnight in
5:34 am
honor of the fallen law enforcement. three killed and three hurt. authorities are looking into the man, 29-year-old gavin long a former marine from kansas city, in mornings killed in a shot out in baton rouge, louisiana, yesterday. based on posts long had been upset about the deaths of african-american men at the hands of police officers including the july 5 delegate of alton sterling in baton rouge. new, the governor is speaking out this morning. take a listen. >> we are not going to be defined by this horrible tragedy. we are better than this, obviously. and i want people to understand we are going do resume our lives as normal. we obviously have a lot of work to do. >> a lost work for the community still reeling, again, with iraq ifs of the fallen law enforcement officials. 32-year-old montrell jack son, 41-year-old matthew gerald, and
5:35 am
brad gar there will be a news conference at 11:00 this morning to investigate the investigation with a lot changing on the story through the morning. when the updates come in i will check back. >> can you she director support for the officers in baton rouge by sharing this image from facebook. this littest attack on police is causing strong reactions in the bay area, and our reporter, tiffany wilson, has the local response. tiffany? >> good morning, some officers are just getting back from texas where they attended the found as of the five ambushed officers in dallas, and, now, they are struggling toed in what has happened in ybarra. the san jose police officers association is demanding action today to release a statement that said, in part "it is past time for our political leaders to step up and support law
5:36 am
enforcement with the necessary staffing and equipment to keep our neighborhood safe." honoring retired san jose police officer worried that the recent attacks on police officers could prompt unwelcome changes. >> where officers have to be even more vision length you might see law enforcement policing change to something we do not want it to change to. >> you might see it become force protection. >> if you, in san francisco, the police officers association said that it will not let incidents like what happened in ybarra drive a wedge between law enforcement and the community saying "they continue to work hand in hand to promote peace in san francisco." >> this afternoon, a vigil for uc berkeley student kills in the terror attack in nice is held on the cal campus be tonight-year-old nicholas leslie
5:37 am
was among the 84 who died in the truck attack one of 85 california students studying in nice. three other cal constitutes were injured, he is the cal student killed in an take abroad this summer. >> french officials say investigators do not have evidence that the truck driver in the attack in nice had helpings to terrorist networks. isis claims responsibility for thursday's attack but officials say the driver, mohamed bouhel, may not have coordinated with a larger network and was recently radicalized. 59 people still are in the hospital, and 29 are in intensive care. >> there is an alert for a missing man who could be armed. 29-year-old roberto cortez is missing and reported at risk involved in an argument with family helps and could have a knife. he was last seen driving a gray
5:38 am
oldsmobiles with a california license plate. officers warn if you see him do not apurchase him but call 9-1-1 immediately. >> good morning, everyone, we have a commuter alert a traffic alet, on the opposite side of the san mateo bridge. here is how it looks at san mateo side, southbound 101, we have gotten confirmation from the c.h.p. that all lanes are blocked with a big-rig accident and right new, traffic is light and they are vague but they said they should be or have some opening soon, ask what that means, we will check back when we know what "soon," means but right new, southbound 101 before knot a big-rig is mocking all lanes of traffic. mike? >> we will talk about what the cooling trend means for breathing. we can all breathe easy: good everywhere today and tomorrow
5:39 am
and rebel through friday. temperature-wise, if you step outside right now in the east bay here is what to dress for, berkeley and san leandro and castro valley at 5 a on high side, hayward and union city at 59, and oakland at 2358. elsewhere, we have mid-to-upper 50s and antioch is sticking out at sick, and san francisco is 54 and san jose 59 and golden gate bridge is a backdrop for three day forecast and what you see about the same tomorrow maybe a degree or two warmer and same on wednesday. but i am work on what looks like the going of a heat wave this weekend. >> san francisco police are in the middle of reforming their department and a supervisor weapons them to report their progress four types a year. according to the examiner supervisor is proposing to withhold $15 million of funding from the department unless they get report on the reform progress report when they put new rules in place. he wants to include this in the
5:40 am
final budget plan voted on tomorrow. >> this could a historic day for sunnyvale based yahoo, expected to receive the final bids from those interested in buying the core business, which includes advertising, search and content. noon the reported bidders are t.s.a., verizon, and investment may veteran warren buffett and a private investment firm. yahoo will report the second quarter earnings expecting to announce the results of sale by end of the month. >> project promising to make the commute on interrogate 80 smoother is ready to go with a change you will see starting tomorrow. >> big moment for spacex overnight, and engineers are overnight, and engineers are
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, by bay the c.h.p. said that speeding is likely to blame for a deadly crash this pittsburg eastbound highway 4 at exit. a man driving a gray pickup was speeding swerving in and out of the lanes leaving the road, overdumped and smashed into a tree. the driver died at scene. >> walnut creek police dog is recovering. there was a violent confrontation with a hit-and-run accident suspect. the dog was stabbed while trying
5:44 am
to capture the suspect. the police used tasers and boon bags on the suspect gonzalez before sending in the dog. the officer has serious injuries and the dog and the officers are expected to survive. >> a change if you drive along interrogate 80 when caltran will activate 43 ramp meters. the lights in both directions will be solid friend define 5:00 and 8:00 for a week. the lights part of the smart corridor system and intelligent adaptive system that monitoring traffic in the corridor and uses the ramp meters in real time. the system should be up and readied by september. >> elon musk is celebrating a big milestone for the face x rocket. >> three. two. one. this is the falcon 9 lifting a capsule packed with 5,000 pounds of supplies into orbit. it will dock with the international space station on wednesday. after the launch the physical
5:45 am
con returns to earth and made a successful ground landing. this is only the second time this has happened. spacex will reuse the rocket later this year tweeting out a picture of the falcon taking off on the left and landing on the right. >> thousands gathered in golden gate park to walk in memory of those on lost their battle with the devastating disease. we are a proud sponsor of aids walk san francisco. sin it started in 1987, $86 million has been raised going to h.i.v. programs and services. >> a wonderful feeling of people , everyone gathered together and a big happy fell. >> there were celebrities walk that raised $2 million online this year. >> an important even and great to see the turn out.
5:46 am
>> back to sue because she is tracking a bad traffic accident on highway 101. sue? >> we are checking back with c.h.p. with the details sketchy right now. what we know is a big-rig is involved and all lanes of southbound 101 before 92 are blocked. look at this, though, conflicting showing green. southbound 101 before 92 has details slowly emerging with a big-rig blocking all lanes. we will check back with c.h.p. mike? >> good morning, everyone. you pay have noticed the winds of change, i did with the weapons open and you can hear the trees as they make noises and the wind came through, fairfield gusting to 31 on live doppler hd, and 17 in concord. calming in san jose.
5:47 am
north of the bay bridge and east going going and small craft advisory from 1:00 this afternoon to 1:00 tomorrow morning, west wind at 24 to 38 miles per hour, and choppy water. this is what i am looking at from the top of the broadcast center, seem thing in the exploritorium and pier 15 a last low clouds and morning drizzle. we will clear this morning but summer stays away until friday and it will be really hot really quick this weekend. in the south bay, mid-to-upper 70s until you get to los gatos and low-to-mid 70s most of the peninsula and millbrae is the, suspect at 66 and upper 50s along the cost and barely 61 today in downtown san francisco and north by goes from 74 at people lute to santa rosa at 77, and mid-to-upper 60s for the east bay and castro a valley and union city and fremont is 70 and inland mid-70s to a phytate pittsburg and antioch and brentwood. tonight, in the mid-to-upper 50s with clouds and drizzle and friday we are back to
5:48 am
average into saturday and warmer than average on sunday. >> now, a really cool video on the ipad, the paddle boarders never forget this encounter with the sea cow. look a this happening off the coast of jupiter, florida, a manatee playful rolling on its back, and put the flippers on the board. manatees are protect add species and you are not supposed to town them. they did not. how tempting, he was reaching out towardly >> he were withed a hug or something. >> adorable. >> a whale signaled it need help when uncounterring kayakers standing up against the recall and a critic of san francisco pore mayor lee say he should not pore mayor lee say he should not be forceed out office
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>> happening today, car safety advocates will drive a big white truck around union square in san francisco in a staged protest against tesla, protesting the death of a driver whose autopilot did not distinguish between sunshine and a tractor-trailer. they want tesla to disable system and take responsibility for the death. the tesla c.e.o. elon musk said he is confident future software updates will grab the system. >> this man is in jail this morning, because of a citizen alerting san mateo police of suspicious activity. a resident saw the 19-year-old rodriguez looking into the cars on elm street and called 9-1-1 to report him of the when officers arrived they found rodriguez taking items from a car, and they found several tools to break in. investigators are working to find all of the victims to return their belongings. >> a new effort to stop a recall movement against san francisco
5:52 am
mayor lee. >> there is no justification for anyone saying you have to recall mayor lee. >> we were in chinatown as federal mayor willie brown and six city supervisors came out against the recall effort launched on friday. opponents say a recall is not the right move because he has not done anything illegal. the group flames him for housing crisis, police shootings and the growing homeless population. >> jackie speier will announce her introduction of the pink tax repeal act aiming gender-based rice discrimination introducing the bill last week. some services including dry cleaning and hair cuts cost more for women. prices should be -- by the amount time needed for the job not by gender and announced at 10:00 a.m. this morning. all the state fair in sacramento has succumbed to pokemon go
5:53 am
pokemon monday with a card tournament and winner get as grand prize of pokemon and fair gear and the fair will activate modules through the day so you can catch all kinds of different and rare pokemon starting at 11:00 this morning. athey had to start on pokey monday. >> rather than pokey tuesday. >> the police are gin the craze with a pokemon go tournament starting tomorrow on pokemon tuesday. local teens in 7th and higher you will compete in teens, a way to get kids outside and develop team building and problem-solving skills. >> and pokey tuesday does not have the same ring. >> now, sigh, how is 101 looking? >> we have not an official sig-alert but we have a big-rig that is blocking the connection ramp to 92 so this is why the road sensors are green but, all lanes of connection ramp
5:54 am
southbound 101 to highway 92 according to the c.h.p. are blocked, but the good news i do not see a last slow traffic in the area with fire and paramedic heading to the scene so be aware heading to the scene so be aware and details when we get over the santa cruz summit because of road maintenance and you can expect the slow traffic and this is in the southbound 17 area from redwood city estates to santa cruz expect the slow traffic this morning. guys? >> we will look at what is going on outside, feeling a little bit of drizzle but not enough to need the umbrella in san francisco. 54 in a few minutes. at noon, original 60s in san francisco topping out at 62 at 7:00 h 2:00 -- at 2:00. dress warmly, if you are in the coliseum in oakland at 7:00 first pitch, 62 dropping to 58.
5:55 am
we entertain the astros. high fire danger from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. around lake tahoe with temperature and breezy conditions at 75. look how cool it is in the central valley, sacramento at 83 and 95 is not bad for fresno, and hot in palm springs at 110 and 77 in los angeles. safe travels. >> happening today, a vietnam war veteran will receive the highest military away for valor, five decades later. president obama will award the medal of honor to retired loot hoot colonel charts kettle during a ceremony at the white house born in michigan and repeatedly returned to a landing done under heavy fire and credited with helping to save 40 soldiers. the pictures are provided by the united states army and he has received distinguished service cross, this is an award for from personal bravery. >> a couple dozen defecters from north korea are in the bay area
5:56 am
to bring attention to their home country. they mostly live in south korea but are here to share their stories. many did future want their faces recorded for fear of being recognized by their former government but a few who agreed did wear sunglasses told us why it was important to raise awareness. >> north korea is my home, where i grew up, and now i am living in the south, and i having i need and live happy but my parents are still in north korea and others in north korea are suggesting. i feel obligateed. >> group manns to stay in california throughs are thursday. >> oakland neighborhood is celebrating the restoring of a creek and a natural area. you can see where the creek runs through diamond park. we were in oakland for year's grand opening. the parks and recreation -- spent $4 million to restore the creek and natural habitat around it. >> this is one of the most
5:57 am
awesome partners of oakland with more amenities that are natural than almost any other park. we like do keep it that way. >> the visitors enjoyed a tour, bird walk and insect safari. >> michael finney answers your questions of college students and money. >> oakland police department has been rock by scandal and could face another set back, a proposal to change who controls the department. we are live in cleveland, distants are ready and republican national convention is ready to host the convention with reggie aqui live with the tight security ahead of the big tight security ahead of the big
5:58 am
and these are the lungs.
5:59 am
(boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news the state is set and security is in place and tens of thousands of people are gathering in cleveland ready for start of the republican national convention. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller for reggie
6:00 am
aqui who is in cleveland for the republican national convention. >> absolutely much more from reggie in cleveland in a m but be first, to sue tracking a traffic alert on the peninsula. san mateo southbound 101 to connection ramp is blocked with the big-rig. medics and fire are on the scene. we are not seeing a lot of slow traffic because it is only blocking the ramp but 101 is open. c.h.p. is giving us sketchy details and we will look for further clarification. a big-rig is involved on westbound 101, sorry, southbound 101 do 92. >> from the top of the broadcast center, we have a little bit of drizzle and a cloud deck up to 3,000'. live doppler hd is showing drizzle


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